Types of Boats: Yachts (Level 3)

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Description: Sentences about yachts which are boats that use the wind to sail with

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

  1. Yachts are sea going boats.
  2. Yachts need wind to sail with.
  3. Yachts usually also have a small motor just in case they get into trouble or there is no wind.
  4. Small yachts go around harbours and across to islands.
  5. Larger yachts are equipped to go across the oceans to other countries.
  6. Some yachts go around the world.
  7. Yachts need quite a lot of safety equipment on board (e.g. flares, ropes, life jackets).
  8. Racing yachts usually do not have an engine on board.
  9. If they have no engine they are often towed out to sea.
  10. America Cup yachts are towed out to the open sea where they race.