Words about Building that are in the 1000 Word List (Level 1)

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Description: Words about building that are in the 1,000 word list

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces



  1. a builder               = a person who makes houses
  2. to make                = to do
  3. a house                 = a place to live
  4. type                       = sort / kind
  5. another                = one other
  6. wood                     = timber
  7. to need                 = to want
  8. tools                      = things a builder uses to make things (e.g. a hammer)
  9. the work               = the things you do
  10. cement                 = a hard material used to make floors and roads

Learning Point 1:

Singular and Plural nouns:

Singular = a house, a person, a man, a woman
Plural = houses, people, men, women

Learning Point 2:

Present tense verbs:

I make a house. We make a house.
You make a house. You make a house.
He / She makes a house. They make a house