Dating Abuse (Level 3)

Written by Samantha

Description: An article about dating abuse

Instructions: Read the short article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Dating* abuse is defined as the act of committing abuse against the person he is dating. It also happens when one partner uses abuse to maintain power and control the other. Dating abuse is a serious crime which endangers* the life and wellbeing of the abused partner. Dating abuse comes in different forms like physical violence, verbal abuse and psychological manipulation*. If a partner stalks or commits sexual abuse against his girlfriend, he has committed dating abuse. When a boyfriend isolates* a girlfriend from her family and friends or stops her from doing activities she enjoys, it is also counted as dating abuse. If a boyfriend controls the way his girlfriend dresses or who she mingles* with, that is dating abuse.

Dating abuse can occur regardless of* the couple’s age, family background, appearances or economic status. Dating abuse also happens among teenagers who are in relationships. Any girl or woman is vulnerable* to dating abuse regardless what personality* she has. Many experts say boys and men who commit dating abuse are possessive*, obsessively jealous, have little or no self-esteem, and have a history of violence or temper. Some abusive* boyfriends have mental disorders.

The telltale signs of a victim suffering from dating abuse are physical signs of injury, increased absenteeism* at school or work, changes in personality, slipping performance at work or school, and increased isolation from friends and family. The other signs of dating abuse are the victim often go along with what her partner says or does, seems afraid to please him and often reporting to the boyfriend where she is and what she is doing. Some victims of dating abuse lose their self-esteem, become depressed or suicidal* when dating abuse goes too far.

If you know a friend, neighbour or a family member who is a victim of dating abuse, you not only offer your help and support to her but also assure* her that it is not her fault that the abuse happened to her. You should report dating abuse to the police immediately if you are concerned for the victim’s safety. The victim of dating abuse can also apply for a restraining order* against the abuser to stop him from harassing her. You do not end dating abuse on the victim’s behalf* by taking the law into your own hands against the abusive boyfriend. Dating abuse is not pleasant and no person deserves to be treated badly by an abusive boyfriend.


  1. regardless of – without being affected or influenced by something
  2. dating – to be in a relationship with another person.
  3. mingles – to meet or socialise with other people
  4. isolates – to keep someone away from other people
  5. manipulation – to control someone in a bad way
  6. endanger – to put someone in danger
  7. vulnerable – easy to be hurt or attacked
  8. personality – the way a person behaves
  9. possessive- wanting of all of someone’s love and attention
  10. abusive – the behaviour involving treating someone or something in a cruel way
  11. Absenteeism – the habit of not being in school or work, usually without a good reason.
  12. suicidal – a behaviour where someone who wants to kill himself/herself
  13. assure –to tell someone that you will do something in order to make it happen
  14. behalf – A representative of someone in order to help him or her

New phrases

  1. verbal abuse – a kind of behaviour that involves use abusive language like insults and name-calling
  2. sexual abuse – when a person forces another person to have against her/his will. Rape and molest are also sexual abuse
  3. a restraining order – a kind of court order that protects the victim of abuse by preventing the abuser from harassing the victim