Going to a Casino (Level 2)

Written by Lina

Description: Sentences about going to a casino

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

  1. A friend of mine took me to a casino called Sky City, Auckland last Saturday.
  2. This is the second time I went to the casino in Auckland.
  3. Compared to the casino in Macau, the casino in Sky City is more casual and friendly.
  4. In the Macau casino, there is a very serious inspection before you can enter in. I am not sure what the reasons are, however, any liquid even a bottle of water can not be brought into a casino in Macau.
  5. In Sky City, only one security guard stands outside the entrance to check a person’s ID to make sure that the visitor is over twenty-one.
  6. In addition, it is very interesting to see there are a lot of old people and most of them are maybe over seventy years of age.
  7. This is beyond my understanding because I don’t think gambling is usually the elderly’s cup of tea.
  8. I have to say the majority of visitors are Asians in both casinos.
  9. It seems that gambling is kind of habit of most Asian people.
  10. I feel sorry to know about that.