A Beautiful Woman called Kiri Te Kana from Aotearoa New Zealand

Written by Yuan Fang (Constance)

Description: An article about a beautiful Kiwi woman called Kiri Te Kana
Instructions: Read the article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Kiri Te Kanawa is a New Zealand soprano who has gained considerable worldwide
reputation since 1968. In addition to being a singer, she is active in contributing to society. Featuring her unique voice, Kiri Te Kanawa was among the world’s best operatic sopranos during the 1970s and 1980s. She was given a position in the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame in June 2009.

As to her contributions to society, she sold her position as an Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for £500 and gave the money to the Mitchum Amateur Boxing Association. She also founded a website called ‘The Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation’ to assist young New Zealanders who wanted a career in music, providing them with financial support.

1: operatic = related to opera
2: a soprano = a singer who can sing a song with a high pitch
3: amateur = doing something not as major career or major job; not professional
4: to advocate = to support
5: a division = a department