A Museum (Level 3)

Written By: Samantha

Description: An article about a museum

Instructions: Read the article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

A museum is a special building that houses a collection of objects of historical, scientific, cultural, or artistic importance. These objects can be seen in the museum because they are exhibited to the public every day. However, the items are placed in special glass cases to prevent theft.

You can find a museum in your local town or in overseas cities. Although every country has its own museums, there are different kinds of museums such as a fine arts museum, a military and war museum, and a science museum. You can also find small museums that exhibit the lives and histories of famous people such writers and politicians. These kinds of museums are called biographical museums. Shakespeare’s birthplace in United Kingdom is an example of a biographical museum.

There are music museums that preserve musical instruments or celebrate the lives and works of famous musicians. These are popular in Europe and America. A museum is a good place for people to do research for a school project or encourage tourists to understand the history of a city or country. A museum is also a good place for teachers to have field trips with their students. Anyone can visit a museum and entry into the museum is sometimes free.


1: Shakespeare = a famous writer and poet from England