Police Writing: A Victim Impact Statement of a Widower – Male (Level 3)

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Description: An example of a victim impact statement

Instructions: Read the short article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.
I am an 84 year old European male and a retired serviceman from the New Zealand Army. I am a widower and live with my daughter and son-in-law. The person who assaulted me is a friend of my son-in-law. I have never met or seen him prior to this incident, however I have heard of him. As a result of the surprise attack on me, I lost two front teeth as well as dislocated my lower jaw. Due to the attack I was knocked unconscious for about 15 minutes and was still dazed when I came to, and had to lie there for a few minutes more, just to come to my senses.
The police officer who arrived at the house summoned the paramedics. They removed me to hospital where my lower jaw was set in a brace. The cost of the medical treatment amounted to $1500. I was in utter disbelief about this incident and that one human being could be so heartless and leave another for dead.
I now feel very insecure to allow anyone into our house, let alone our yard, due to this incident. I am also dismayed in this day and age that one could still be so barbaric to someone of my age.