Anorexia is An Eating Disorder (Level 2)

Written By: Samantha 

Description: An article about anorexia which is an eating disorder

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces


Anorexia is a kind of eating disorder where the person thinks his or her body is too fat when he or she is actually thin. 

It is an unhealthy and dangerous condition which can damage the heart, liver and kidneys. 

Anorexia can also cause death. 

Any person can become anorexic. 

Anorexia also affects children and teenagers. 

Some symptoms of anorexia include losing lots of weight, exercising too much, feeling fat and fear of gaining weight. 

When a person has anorexia, he or she often has stress or anxiety. 

It is important to get help from a doctor and a nutritionist as well as some supportive family and friends.