Shoes (Level 2)

Written by Samantha

Description: An article about shoes

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Shoes are important to everyone.
Shoes are footwear*.
They help protect* our feet at work and play.
We buy our shoes from the shops.
Some shoes can be cheap, and some may cost up to a few hundred dollars.
Some shoes are made of rubber, leather*, or plastic.
We use different shoes for work and play.
We wear sport shoes when we play sports like tennis and cricket.
Dance shoes are designed* for people who dance
We use work shoes to protect our feet at work.
In winter, boots are worn to keep our feet warm.
We wear slippers or sandals* in the summer


  1. footwear – anything worn to cover the feet
  2. to protect – take care of
  3. leather – special material made of animal skin such as cow’s skin
  4. designed – made for special use
  5. sandals – a type of outdoor shoe