An Example of a Workplace Accident (Level 2)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown

Description: An article with an example of a workplace accident

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

One day at work Fleur was walking from the main office to the training room and then planning on going down the steps back to the production area. From the main office to the training room there is a wooden path that goes on top of the one-story production building.

The wooden path gets very slippery when it rains as it is outside. That day it had been raining. Along this wooden path she slipped over and fell on to one of the skylights. The skylights were made of plastic and broke very easily under her weight. The sky light let light into the production area.

Her foot went right the plastic sky light and she nearly fell all the day down the two meters on the production floor. Luckily, she was able to stop her fall but holding on to the edge of the wooden pathway. She was so lucky. She had to have three days off work as her leg was quite bruised.

The company had to build a handrail for the pathway and put some wire mesh down on the wooden base that people walk along. Also, a new rule was made that in the wet no-one can walk that way to the training room.