Health and Safety at Work (Level 2)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown
Description: An article about health and safety at work
Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Your company wants to make sure that you are safe and protected at work. The company wants you to feel like this ALL the time while at work. The company’s goal is to have a safe and healthy workplace ALL the time.

You are expected to follow the company’s health and safety rules. Do not do anything that is dangerous while at work. Do not put anyone else in a dangerous situation while at work.

To keep the workplace safe follow all the health and safety rules. Some of these are for example: no drinking alcohol at work, do not smoke in the working areas, tie back your hair, wear shoes or boots.

There is a first aid kit in every section of the workplace. Record any accidents in the Accident Report Book. Work carefully at all times during work hours.