A Workplace Health and Safety Policy (Level 3)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown
Description: An example of a workplace health and safety policy
Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces


The Company is committed to ensuring that the Health and Safety of all staff is protected
The goal is to have a safe and healthy workplace

Job Standards
It is expected that all staff will follow the Health and Safety rules and will always behave in a safe way and not endanger the Health or Safety of either themselves, any other person.

In order to ensure a safe working environment, it is important that you:

Follow all Health and Safety rules at all times
Do not possess, consume or are under the influence of illegal drugs during working hours
Do not consume or are under the influence of alcohol during working hours
Do not smoke in breach of the Smoking Policy
Make sure that you are wearing appropriate protective clothing and equipment. This includes proper safety footwear which fully enclose the toes and also protects the top of the foot, masks and other protective gear which is available to you
Promptly report all accidents to your Manager

It is unacceptable for staff to transgress Health and Safety rules, and if this is done, may lead to Disciplinary Action being taken