Online Supermarkets (Level 2)

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Description: An article about online supermarkets

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

The internet has made it possible for supermarkets to sell their items online.
You do not have to drive or walk to the nearest supermarket to buy groceries.
You can choose and order any grocery item online using the computer or smartphone.
The online supermarket website can be browsed anytime of the day.
Your online purchase can be done at home or at work.
After choosing and buying your groceries, you need to pay using a credit card, bank card or PayPal.
It is also important to provide your address and phone number for delivery.
The supermarket will send a delivery man and his truck to transport your items.
It usually takes between fifteen to forty-five minutes for the delivery man to drive to your home.
The delivery man would ring the doorbell or phone you to let you know that he has arrived with your groceries.