Taking Medicine When You Are Not Well (Level 2)

Written by Samantha
Description: An article about taking medicine when you are not well

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

We take our medicine when we are sick.
Medicines are sold in a special shop called a pharmacy.
Some medicines can be eaten, and some are used on the body.
Some medicines are taken after a meal.
There are some medicines we take before going to sleep.
But taking medicines is not like eating sweets.
Taking the wrong medicine can be very dangerous.
Taking any medicine when we are healthy is dangerous too.
Not taking any medicine when we are sick can make us very ill.
Some medicines are not *suitable for our bodies.
If we don’t know which medicine is right for us, we can ask the *pharmacist.


  1. suitable – right
  2. a pharmacist – a person who prepares, mixes and dispenses medicine