Alternative Medicines (Level 3)

Written by Saurav

Description: An article about alternative medicines

Instructions: Read the sentences or article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

There are different types of medicines.
The two types of medicine are conventional medicine and alternative medicine.
Conventional medicine includes the medicines that are recommended by most doctors and proven by science.
Alternative medicine includes practices like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, the use of herbs, homeopathy, hypnosis and yoga.
Ayurveda originates in South East Asia.
Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in China and includes practices like acupuncture and taiji (sometimes written as taichi).
‘The use of herbs’ means healing a person by using some specific plant and their extracts.
Homeopathy is another form of medicine which involves healing a person by using their own body.
Hypnosis is putting in a person in a state where the mind is fully open and concentrated on a point, reducing nonessential awareness.
Yoga originated in India; it involves healing a person by doing some form of exercises regularly.