Is Money Everything? (Level 2)

Written by Cindy An
Description: An article about money

Instructions: Read the short article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.
At present some people think that money is everything. They say that you can do everything if you have money. You can live in a beautiful house, keep a luxurious car and have all sorts of delicious food.
I don’t think so. Indeed, money can buy some of the things that we need. But there are many wonderful things in the world that cannot be bought with money. For example, knowledge cannot be bought with money. One cannot be rich in knowledge unless a person studies hard. Time cannot be bought with money, either. Who can buy even a second with money?
There are still many other things that cannot be bought with money: health, life, happiness, friendship, love and so on. Just think, if a person hasn’t got any of these things, is the money still useful?
Now, do you think money is everything?