Another Way to Look at Networking to Help Find a Job (Level 3)

Description: An article discussing the meaning of networking to help you find a job

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Networking means all of our friends, relatives, and neighbours, co-workers in our work place, mates in our school or university and some people who know us and we talk to them about everything. It also includes TV, radio and the internet. Maybe they live in our city, country or maybe not. Maybe they have our nationality, or they are from other countries. Everyone who we know and who we talk to are part of our network.

Networking is especially important because we can get new information from it. It helps us to find jobs, important news about everything and to improve our knowledge about languages, science and different cultures.

My networks are my friends in KFC, my relatives in NZ and TV and the Internet. I found a job in KFC because my cousin works there, and she talked with her manager about me. It is a kind of network. I can ask my friends if they heard about a vacancy in a job and to tell me about that. I can listen to the radio and read advertisements in newspapers.

Networking is a new thing in my life and makes the world look like a small village. It helps people to have contact together and get new information about their country, city, world, or anything about their beliefs.

Networking in our life is a most important thing to introduce people together and make them happy in their life. Humans live in a society that networks together. The most successful people have networked together.