The Choice of the Heart; Moving from Bulgaria to New Zealand (Level 2)

Written By: Svetlana
Description: An article about choosing to leave Bulgaria and moving to New Zealand
Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

We think we are driven by reasons but that is not true. We are driven by our feelings and later on we are looking for reasons and excuses. It was a time of great political changes in my country. For first time after 45 years people had freedom to leave Bulgaria and some of my friends left.

One evening during a party a friend of mine Emil asked me: – Half of our friends left. Don’t you wont to do the same? – No- I answered – I love my country. I love my city. I wont to live here- Well, but what about Canada? Bilyana wrote such a nice things about being there.- No, thanks. That place is too cold for me. – I smiled.- Well. What about California? It is warmer and Juliet’s family is so happy there. – Emil persisted.- Come on Emil. American life style is not for me. – I was laughing.- What do you think about Australia then? – He didn’t stop.- There are too many crocodiles and poisonous snakes. Stop it! I will stay here. – This conversation became annoying.- OK! OK! The last one. New Zealand.

My heart suddenly jumped as if Emil mentioned a place unbelievably precious for me. – You won! That is the only place in the world I would live.

Since that moment I was in a rush to say good-bye to everybody. It was a strange as I did not know much about New Zealand. Why did my heart choose New Zealand? Why? Next morning, I was passing by the display of a huge bookshop with hundreds of books on display but my eyes saw only one title “New Zealand Legends”. I already knew New Zealand was waiting for me. It was 15 years ago. A lot of time passed until my husband got the same idea but in a different way. Now we live in New Zealand a dear land.