How a Team Manager Can Reach Targets (Level 1)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown

Description: A conversation between a team leader and a machinist, talking about work and targets

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Situation: Helen is a team leader. Her job is to help her team reach the team targets. She is talking to a guy, Ahmed, who is a machinist. They work in a food-processing factory. They are talking about work and targets.

Helen:         My job is to help you to reach the targets.

Ahmed:       Yes, I hope you can help me to do a better job.


Helen:         Sure. Is there anything I can do to help?

Ahmed:       Well, my machine is not going so well.


Helen:         What is wrong with it?

Ahmed:       Eh? Sorry?


Helen:         Do you know exactly what is wrong with your machine?

Ahmed:       No, I don’t. It is just making a funny noise.


Helen:         What sort of funny noise?

Ahmed:       A whirring sound.


Helen:         A what ………..?

Ahmed:       A whirring sound. …. like something is no running smoothly.


Helen:         OK thanks for telling me. I will ask the mechanic to look at it.

Ahmed:       Great. Thanks.