How a Team Leader Can Reach Targets in a Team (Level 3)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown
Description: A short article about how a team leader can reach targets in the team

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Here is list of ways that a team leader can use to assist a team to reach their targets.

Make sure to have the right mix of team members.
Get fast cover for absences.
Tell the team what the expectations are every day and throughout the day.
Check on workflow, styles, flaws and respond to the situation quickly.
Every hour check and manage individuals and team performance and quality.
Keep an eye on the computer screen.
Be on target within the first hour.
Make sure that the team doesn’t fall behind on Mondays.
If falling behind, ask for help from Support Staff before it is too late.
Look ahead, anticipate problems and plan the work accordingly.
Manage workflow and plan ahead.
Avoid bottlenecks.
Prioritize work – that is do urgent tasks first.
Cross train to enhance versatility.
Have a daily team meeting early in the morning.
Have good communication with other team leaders.
Check that machines are well maintained and working smoothly – weekly.
Motivate staff constantly and give incentives.
Ensure that the staffing level is correct. If not, take urgent action.
Ensure that the team has adequate cover for absenteeism.
Ensure each operator’s performance is consistently managed.