How You Can Reach Your Targets (Level 3)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown
Description: A short article about how you can reach your targets

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Situation: Here is a conversation about reaching targets between two employees. Jack has worked at the company for many years and Minh has just started there. They are both machinists in a large clothing company.

Minh: So how long have you worked here for Jack?
Jack: Too long. I have been here for ten years now.
Minh: What? Ten years…. Gee that’s a long time ….. and you’re still here
Jack: Yes … here I am. This job is OK though. The company sort of looks after us. The overtime was better before but I still get to do some now.
Minh: Can you give me some ideas on how to reach my targets then. In the last few days, I have not reached my targets and I think the team leader is getting annoyed.
Jack: Simple my friend. Work smart. That is. When you get on the machine try to start work right a way. Don’t muck around like some people do. In the first half an hour some people have done nothing, and I have already done heaps. Also, when the smoko bell goes then finish that garment that you are working on. So, don’t leave it until after the break as it will take time to get back to where you were.
Minh: OK.
Jack: Another thing is if your machines is not working well go and tell the team leader immediately. Don’t wait around. If the machine is slow or not working properly then that will slow you down also.