Asking for Laundry Service (Level 2)

Written by T. Pascal Brown
Description: An article about people who work through the night (i.e. shift workers)

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Telephoning Room Service:

‘Yes, Room Service, how may I assist you?’
‘Yes. I would like to have some clothing laundered. Is there a laundry service?’
‘Yes. There is, unfortunately, a fee though.’
‘Oh… What are the charges?’
‘Hang on a minute. Here we go… Um… Fifteen dollars for less than seven kilograms to wash and more is twenty bucks, Sir.’
‘Okay. Where is it?’
‘It is on floor twelve. Right next to the swimming pool.’
‘How do I get there. I mean to the swimming pool?’
‘It’s practically fool proof…That is easy to get in. Just follow the signs.’
‘Uh, okay. Thanks for your time.’
‘Alright mate. Bye for now.’


  1. to assist  – providing something that is needed, help
  2. clothing – clothes, a covering for something
  3. laundered – to be washed and often ironed as well
  4. unfortunately – used to show you regret something
  5. a fee  – a payment for services, a charge
  6. charges – costs of something
  7. to consume  – to eat or drink, to use up
  8. practically – in a way that is useful, sensible or practical, very near but not quite
  9. a mate – a slang word meaning a friend