Being Told You Are Doing a Good Job in Room Service (Level 3)

Written by Saurav

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Note: Read the following meeting between a manager and an employee where they are discussing work performance. The employee has only been working at the workplace, which is a shoe factory, for three weeks so is quite new to this work. Then answer the questions or fill in the missing spaces.

Manager: “Come in. Sit down please……. How are things?”
Employee: “Good thanks”.
Manager: “So how is work going since you started your work here?”
Employee: “Fine thanks. Yes, I am enjoying it here.”
Manager: “You seem to have fitted in to your team very well. I’d like to tell you that we are happy with that”.
Employee: “Sorry?”
Manager: “I’m saying that you are working well in your team. You seem to enjoy your job and your performance is nearly the same as the other people in your team.”
Employee: “Oh thanks”.
Manager: “Now do you have any question that you would like to ask me about your job?”
Employee: “Yes one question. That is what is the pay if I get more than the targets set?”
Manager: “I will bring down a piece of paper to show you about this. Anything else?”
Employee: “No that is all.”
Manager: “OK thanks. I’ll try a meet with you again in two week’s time.”
Employee: “Sure that is fine.”
Manager: “Bye”
Employee: “See you. Thanks.”