Asking about the Swimming Facilities in a Hotel (Level 2)

Written by T. Pascal Brown
Description: A conversation asking about swimming facilities in a hotel

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

‘Hello. May I speak to a pool attendant?’
‘Yes, I’m the Pool Attendant. How may I assist you?’
‘Yes. I would like to ask you about using the swimming facilities.’
‘I can help you there. What do you need to know?’
‘Yes. Are there any towels available?’
‘Yes, Sir. There are dry towels over there, adjacent to that tree.’
‘Thank you. And what about lockers? Do you have any?’
‘Yes. We have. But you must know how to operate them.’
‘Oh really!? Why is that?’
‘They are actually quite complicated. When you first use one, insert the key and press the red button. The key will be read for its shape; adapting to your own room key, and yours alone.’ ‘Then you may place your personal belongings into it; using the key to get it out later on.’
‘Ok. Thanks.’
‘You’re very welcome.’


  1. belongings – personal possessions
  2. an attendant – an assistant, a helper
  3. to assist – providing something that is needed, help
  4. facilities – places for, means or equipment
  5. available – able to be used, obtained or relied on
  6. adjacent – near or close to something
  7. actually – really, indeed
  8. adapting – changing for new use or different conditions
  9. to operate – function or make something function
  10. complicated – difficult to deal with, to make complex
  11. alone – without anyone or anything else
  12. personal – individual or private