A Childminder – A Nanny (Level 2)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown

Description: An article about working as a nanny

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

A childminder is a person who cares for a child in a family.

A childminder is sometimes called a nanny.

Some childminders live in the same home with the family they work for.

Some childminders work a few hours a day.

Some childminders work with the same family for many years.

Some childminders work until the child is old enough to go to school.

A childminder helps to make the child’s meals, clean his clothes and clean his bedroom.

A childminder does not do housework such as cleaning the house or ironing family’s clothes.

To be a childminder, a person must like children.

A childminder must know how to keep a child safe.