A Businessman Selling Cars (Level 1)

Written By: Tim

Description: An article about a businessman selling cars

Instructions: Read the short article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Bill Smith was a businessman.
He owned a business buying and selling used cars.
His office and his car yard were on the edge of the CBD* in a big city.
One day a customer came to look at one of his cars.
The customer said “This car looks like a good one. I like it he said”.
Bill said “Yes it’s a very good car. Would you like to buy it?”
The customer bought the card
The customer paid by EFTPOS*.
Bill was happy, He made a budget for that month. He is a good salesman.
The accountant of the car yard was happy with car salesman.


1: CBD = Central business district
2: EFTPOS = Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale