Work Performance and Company Productivity (Level 3)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown

Description: An article about work performance and company productivity

Instructions: Read the following sentences and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Introduction: The conversation is between two friends. Their names are Jim and Hong. Hong has not been working at the factory for very long. They are out having a quiet drink at the pub after work. Their team manger’s name is Susie and they both work in a factory that produces washing machines.

Jim: Have a good day at work today?
Hong: Yes not bad.
Jim: Tiring work eh?
Hong: I reckon. Gee I get tired standing up all day. Wish we could have a longer break from time to time.
Jim: You’ll get used to it I suppose. I’ve been her for five years now and I hardly notice it.
Hong: Heh … what exactly does Susie mean when she is always talking about work performance and productivity?
Jim: What’s that?
Hong: Well what does she mean? She says that I will be having a performance appraisal where we talk about work performance.
Jim: Don’t worry mate. She will just be asking you about how well you are working if you have reached your targets and how you are helping to reach the team’s targets.
Hong: Eh? It’s your shout.