Clocking In and Out at Work (Level 2)

Written by T. Pascal Brown
Description: Sentences about clocking in and out at work
Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Important Points are:
To come to work on time every day.
What the company expects of you as a worker.
That it is important to understand and follow instructions.
That the company expects you to work hard all the time.
That you need to clock in and clock out each day.
That there are rules at every workplace and that they should be followed.

1: Clock in to work when you start work.
2: Clock out of work when you finish work.
3: Clock in with your own card.
4: Do not clock another person in.
5: It is against company’s rules to clock in another person.
6: If you leave the workplace during the day clock out and clock back in.