A Workplace Policy on Attending Work (Level 3)

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Description: An example of an attendance policy

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Important Points are:

What the expectations are for you as an employee.
The importance of understanding and following instructions at work.
That working hard is the same as working smart.
That clocking in and clocking out is required of each employee.
That rules are to be followed by employees.

Attendance Policy

All staff are required to attend work on every working day, other than in exceptional circumstances

Attendance Job Standards

The expected standard is that all staff attend work 100% on every working day. Full attendance at work is required, other than in exceptional circumstances which would usually relate to illness or bereavement.

Staff are also expected to be present at their work area throughout the day, and are not to visit other Departments unless they are there on business.

Attendance Procedure

If you are unable to attend work because of exceptional circumstances, then you are to:

1: Personally make contact with your Team Manager or Manager first thing in the morning, and explain your absence and likely day of return

2: If you are away more than one day, then you need to make contact with your Team
Manager or Manager and provide them with a progress report on your situation

3: On your return to work, report to your Team Manager or Manager, and fill in the Leave Form

If you need to leave your work area during the working day, you must ensure that you are authorized to be absent and, if necessary, have someone to take your place