Following Company Rules (Level 3)

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Description: An example of a policy about following company rules

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Important Points are:

What the expectations are for you as an employee.
The importance of understanding and following instructions at work.
That working hard is the same as working smart.
That clocking in and clocking out is required of each employee.
That rules are to be followed by employees.



All staff are to follow company rules. One main rule is to treat all other people at work with courtesy and care, and to behave in a co-operative manner at all times. Another rule is for there to be no unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Job Standards

Examples of unacceptable behaviour are listed below:

1: Insulting or abusive behaviour, including swearing, the use of foul language and adopting a threatening manner
2: Deliberately behaving in a manner that causes distress to other people at work
3: Physically interfering with other people, including touching or laying hands on a person in any way
4: Gossiping
5: Sexual Harassment
6: Gambling or the unauthorized lending of money to fellow employees
7: Falsifying or altering official documents
8: Playing of radios. Individual walkman type radios with headphones are acceptable
9: Conducting private business during working time
10: Excessive use of the telephone for private purposes during working time
11: Unauthorized, inappropriate and/or excessive personal use of electronic
communication media including email and the internet


Any staff member found to be behaving in an unacceptable manner, will be subject to the Disciplinary Procedure