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Many workplaces around the world need you to talk in English. Are you working in tourism, in hospitality, in aged care, in health care, in an office, in a factory? If yes, here we go. Learn English through content:

Let’s Go

This site supports English language students studying wanting to:

  • Get a job in an English speaking company
  • Work at a higher level at work
  • Get a promote ion in yoru company
  • Be a communicator
  • Enjoy your study of new words on our “virtual vocabulary gym”
Learning new words though content is the best way to study vocabulary. Ten quizzes per day for a year. Now we are talking. You will be fluent in English and get a better job!
T. Pascal Brown — Founder, CEO
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Mission Statement

What are other main aims of the site?

The aim of this site is to improve members’ Everyday English, Business English, and Workplace Communication. In more detail, the aims of the site are to assist students to:

  • think more positively about themselves
  • find a job
  • be more confident
  • improve their English language skills
  • increase their network of contacts
  • learn about the culture of work
  • cope with issues in their lives
  • overcome barriers
  • improve their English language skills (e.g. vocabulary)
  • be independent (autonomous) in their language learning
  • be successful
Our Core Values

Why use this site?

JSE supplies English language training materials to students in all countries of the world that have internet access. The quizzes are easy to use, give instant feedback, are fun and there are new quizzes put up every week. The site aims to be focused on assisting students to learn English but also concentrate on business, workplaces and culture.
How can you use the Site?

Students can log on for free. Once they have joined as a member, students need to complete the new quizzes that are put up every week.