A Conversation about a Performance Appraisal (Level 3)

Written by T. Pascal Brown
Description: A conversation about a performance appraisal

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

Note: Read the following conversation. Gordon is a team leader and a new staff member
Julie is asking him some questions. Then answer the questions or fill in the spaces.
Julie: So you say I have two performance appraisals a year. Is this right?
Gordon: Yes that is right.
Julie: Please why two?
Gordon: That is company policy. We feel that if we have a formal one to one meeting with each operator twice a year we can improve your production volume. We can also improve communication within our teams.
Julie: Is it a really serious conversation?
Gordon: Yes and no. What I mean is that yes it is a serious meeting but it is quite informal. I do take notes and the meeting about what we decide. For example, if we decide you need to go on a training course then I write that down. I also write down any suggestions you make.
Julie: What sort of suggestions are you looking for?
Gordon: Anything that you like. For example, you may have some ideas on making the team work better. I would like to hear those.
Julie: OK thanks. It is a bit clearer now.
Gordon: Thanks too for your questions. Bye.