Dance is a Type of Sport (Level 3)

Written by Samantha

Description: An article about working as a dance teacher

Instructions: Read the article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

A dance teacher usually explains and demonstrates dance techniques and steps to his or her students.
Sometimes dance teachers conduct research on latest dance trends and plan dance programmes.
Some dance teachers specialise in teaching certain dance styles such as modern, ballroom or ballet.
To become a dance teacher, a person usually needs a tertiary qualification in dance or dance teaching.
Besides having a qualification in dance, he or she must be registered with a local association of dance teachers and have relevant work experience as dancers for dance companies or as student teachers in dance schools.
A dance teacher must also be energetic, have high levels of stamina and a flexible body.
To be a dance teacher, one needs to have knowledge of dance therapies and dance techniques to prevent injuries as well as understanding of anatomy and an eye for detail when it comes to coaching his or her students
A dance teacher must be patient, creative, supportive and able to work under pressure.
Dance teachers must also have good communication and organisational skills.
It is also important to attend dance and health workshops so that a dance teacher is kept up-to-date with latest trends on dance and dancers’ health.


  1. techniques = methods of doing something e.g. in dance
  2. trends = changes or developments that produces a certain result
  3. ballroom dancing = a type of dance done in pairs using a fixed series of movements and steps
  4. tertiary = relating to study at colleges, polytechnics, and universities
  5. relevant = directly connected with something
  6. energetic = have a lot of energy
  7. stamina = the ability to do something for a very long time without getting tired e.g. dancing, running
  8. therapies = forms of treatment for an illness, injury or medical condition
  9. anatomy = the body
  10. up-to-date = to know about latest knowledge and new ideas