Ice cream as a Dessert (Level 2)

Written by Samantha

Description: An article about ice cream as a dessert
Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Ice cream is a kind of dessert.

It is frozen and cold.

Ice cream tastes sweet.

Ice cream is tasty.

Ice cream is made of milk and cream.

Ice cream comes in many kinds of flavours you can find ice cream in many shops and restaurants.

Sometimes you can buy ice cream from the supermarket.

Ice cream is kept in the refrigerator*.

You can eat ice cream anytime. People eat a lot of ice cream in the summer.


#a dessert – a sweet food that we eat after a meal
#frozen – a cold object kept in a very cold place
#tasty – tastes nice#cream – a thick white liquid taken from the top of milk
#flavours – the kind of taste that food or drink has
#a refrigerator – a machine that keeps food like ice cream cold.