Traffic Infringement Notice for Speeding (Level 3)

Description: An article about traffic infringement notice for speeding

Written by T. Pascal Brown

Instructions: Read the short article below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

PO Box 44295
Pt Chevalier

18 January 2020

NZ Police Infringement Bureau
PO Box 9147

Dear Sir / Madam

Regarding the infringement notice: N4315126

I would like to ask for this fine to be waived for the following reasons:

1: I am a very law-abiding citizen. I have never been fined for drink and driving and this is perhaps my second only speeding offence.
2: I am a father of four here in Auckland teaching at a local polytechnic. One of my children (17 years) has to be taken to physio regularly. This means I have to spend a great deal more than a normal family on petrol.
3: My other three children are fine but two of them do wear glasses and these have cost us $400 each.
4: It is a difficult time of year for me with school starting again and having to buy books and things for school. My 15-year-old son goes to Mt Albert Grammar so requires new things to be bought such as tennis shoes as he represents his school in tennis.
5: My younger two children are 7 and 3 and also have school costs coming up.
6: The road at that time was dry and the weather perfect. I apologise for being over the speed limit by the amount. It was passing through Ormond, near Gisborne, and there are very few houses there and the local pub that the road passes has closed so has no cars were parked there. I was in fact driving very safely.
Please can you let me off these fines as my wife does not work and we have a handful with children and mortgage, food and transport costs.
I intend not to speed again and take more notice of signs near houses.

With thanks

Trevor Bill Chan