Poem: A Prayer as an Elixir / Can a Prayer be an Elixir? (Level 3)

Description: A poem about a prayer

Instructions: Read this poem below and answer the questions. That is choose the correct answer or choose the answer that correctly fills in the space


My elixir is a prayer
Said the tortoise to the hare
And the hare said
My elixir is my bed

Can a prayer be an elixir anyway?
I say to them both today
As they run off up the road
And battle it out, both faster than a toad

To back track and not be slack
An elixir is a liquid, often clear, which can help you cure even a sore back
That can be taken in the place of a medicine
And many believe that a prayer is as good as this, in comparison

Prayer then, an elixir eh?
Good story, true to you? to me? What do you say?
Of course prayer can smooth the spirit, smooth the mind
A prayer can help you to look and to find

Stop looking under the covers, under the bed, in the garage
Stop waiting for your Lotto ticket to strike a better marriage
Take on the elixir of prayer
A prayer as an elixir, now that is more fair.


  • an elixir – a liquid, often clear, which can help you cure even a sore back
  • a prayer – short words or phrases you say to yourself or out aloud asking for something when you in a church
  • a hare – a small animal, a bit larger that a rabbit, that runs very fast
  • to battle – to fight
  • a toad – a small animal that lives in ponds, and is a bit like a frog
  • some medicine – something you take to try to make your body better when you are sick
  • a Lotto ticket – a ticket you buy for a small amount of money when you are trying to make a lot of money gambling (i.e. by luck)