Traveling to Places close to Jinan by Bus (Level 3)

Written by Ella

Description: An article about travelling to places in Jinan, China

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces

To travel to the outskirts of Jinan, several convenient and inexpensive ways can be taken including inter-zone buses, shuttle buses and coaches. The details are as follows:

A. At the headquarters of Jinan Public Transportation Corporation, take No. 67 bus to Damenya-village Scenic Park, Xiaomenya-vilage ScenicPark, Four-gate Pagoda, Wohu-hill Reservoir and Paomaling Safari Park; take No.65 bus to Jinxiuchuan Reservoir and Red-leaf Vale; take No.88 bus to Zhonggong Town; take K97 Bus or No.71 Bus to the Hua Mountains.

B. At the East-Second-Ring-Road Station or Honglou Station of Jinan Licheng Public Transportation Corporation, take No.4 bus to Tanlong Mountain Park; take No.3 bus to Humenkongxin Mountain and Yulong Folk-Custom Village; take No.12 bus to Ganggou Dragon-Cavern; take No.16 bus to the Hua Mountains; take No.7 bus or No.14 bus to Tangwang Forest Park; take the Liubu-Line coach to the Damenya Scenic Park and Xiaomenya Scenic Park; take the Wolong-Village-Line coach to Jiuding-Pagoda Ethnic Minorities’ Cultures and Customs Park.

C. At the Passenger-Transporting Center terminal, there are coaches to Jiuding-Pagoda Ethnic Minorities’ Cultures and Customs Park, Water-Shade Canyon, Xieshu Bay, Lingya Temple etc. And the coaches leave at 9:00am and return at 15:30pm on weekends. If there are more than 10 members of your touring group you can hire a coach to every scenic spot in the outskirts of Jinan.

D. Hero-mountain-road coach station has the main routines to Jiuding-Pagoda Ethnic Minorities’ Cultures and Customs Park, Lingyan Temple, Baimai Spring, Water-Shade Canyon, Paomaling Safari Park, Zhujia Valley, and the Herbal-Medicine Village. At weekends, the coaches leave at 7:00am and return between 15:00~15:30. The coaches can be hired by tour groups.

E. All the routines to Changqing District and its outskirts are available from the Dikou-road coach station. Scenic spots such as Wufeng Mountain, Lingyan Temple, Wolong Valley, Liantai Mountain and Dafeng Mountain can be reached from here. The coaches there leave everyday after 7:00am at intervals of 15 minutes.

F. If you want to go to Zhangqiu District to travel, the Second-ring-road coach station is the best choice. Everyday from 6:30 to 19:00 with intervals of 10~15min, coaches leave to Baimai Spring, Han-Dynasty Mausoleum by the White-cloud Lake, Xueye Reservoir and Mengluochuan’s Former Residence.