An Example of a Burglary Report for the Police (Level 2)

Written by Anslon Lin

Description: An article with an example of a police burglary report

Instructions: Read the Burglary Report below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Sergeant in Charge
Section Two

This file relates to a burglary complaint attended at the above address on Tuesday 12 May 2020.

CHANG left his computer shop for about 1 hour (4pm-5pm) to purchase computer parts from a supplier. While away front door was forced, a search made of the interior of the shop and subject clams that there are 10 LCD screens were taken valued at approximately $4,000. In addition, $200 cash was taken from the till.

There is one avenue of enquiry identified to date. A neighbour residing at 18 Ennismore Road does not recall any suspicious activities outside the subject’s address during the timeframe of the burglary.

A screwdriver was found at the point of entry. This has been placed in the Auckland Police Station Exhibit Room (Reference No. 12345/67).

File for your consideration and for forwarding for enquiry.

Anson LIN
Constable ABC123
12 May 2020