Working Smart to get Better Quality (Level 2)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown
Description: A short article about working smart to get better quality

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions of fill in the spaces

Ula: Excuse me could you please tell me what does it mean to work smart?
Minh: Sure. It means that you have to not waste time at work but work efficiently.
Ula: What does efficiently mean please?
Minh: Efficiently means making as many shoes as possible without getting tired.
Ula: So, does that mean I can be lazy?
Minh: No not at all. It means you have to work hard and to use your brain at the same time. It means you have to think about your work all the time. If you are thinking you will do your job better than another person who is just daydreaming.
Ula: Oh, thanks for this definition. That is thanks for the meaning to these words. They are very important to us all here in this factory. I can see my job is to work well and think about what I am doing. If I am thinking while I work the quality of my work will be better too. Quality is so important here at Kumfs.
Minh: Absolutely. You seem to understand now. Have a good day. Work hard and then go home and have a good rest.