Improving your Work Performance (Level 3)

Written By: T. Pascal Brown

Description: An article about improving your work performance (Level 3)

Instructions: Read the following sentences and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

A company is always concerned about how well you are working. They often ask, ‘Is that person working to their full potential’? or ‘Can that person be trained a bit more so that their work performance improves?’

Why does the company want your work performance to improve? The simple answer is that the better you work, or the more you improve, the higher your productivity and the better the company will be.

Training is an important part of improving your work performance. With training you may learn new ways to do things. With training you may learn new ideas and techniques on how to work smarter and more effectively.

Another way to improve your work performance is to try to relax while working but still stay focused on the job at hand. Some people like to play music to do this. You need to check what the company policy is on listening to music while working. Make sure in your break times you walk around a but, shake your hands and move your shoulders around to relax.