Following Instructions at Work (Level 2)

Description: Sentences about following instructions at work
Written by T. Pascal Brown

Instructions: Read the sentences below and answer the questions or fill in the spaces.

Important Points are:
To come to work on time every day.
What the company expects of you as a worker.
That it is important to understand and follow instructions.
That the company expects you to work hard all the time.
That you need to clock in and clock out each day.
That there are rules at every workplace and that they should be followed.

1: Instructions are what your boss tells you to do.
2: Instructions are what your team leader tells you to do.
3: To follow instructions means to do what the team leader asks you to do.
4: You should follow instructions at work.
5: If you follow instructions at work you will be doing good work.
6: Another word for instructions is orders.
7: If you do not want to follow an instruction let the team leader know why.
8: Some examples of instructions are:
“Quickly turn off the machine.”
“Heh you. Turn off the machine.”
“Turn the machine off. “
“Please turn the machine off.”
“Could you please turn the machine off.”
“Excuse me but when you have time, turn off that machine.”